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Group Tutorials

  • ​​​​ I ran my first online group session last December for a group of over 200 students at Western University.  ​​
  • Interactive group tutorials will be held online on a biweekly schedule starting at the end of January.
  • I personally teach all the sessions and you will learn from an expert teacher and problem solver.  
  • Sign up using one of the links.
  • Sessions will be 2-3 hours long and will cover:

                                  - A brief overview of the chapter
                                 - Conceptual type questions, especially the tricky ones.
                                 - Problems submitted by students
                                 - Problems selected by your Physics Ninja, Dr. E.  (~ 10-20 problems/chapter)

  • Students will receive a PDF document of the tutorial material before the session and are strongly encouraged to try the problems beforehand.   Check out examples from previous sessions by clicking the here.

  • After the session, students will be given detailed solutions to all the problems covered during the tutorials.

  • Students can submit all questions directly to Physics Ninja.   Type out the questions, email a picture to onlinephysicsninja@gmail.com, or text to (612)-787-8500

  • If I’m unable to cover all of the material during the tutorial I may add other session, provide detailed solutions in a PDF document, or make video solutions available on my Youtube channel.

​Terms and Conditions

  • I am not affiliated with any college or university or other tutoring service.     I'm not affiliated with Western University, University of Minnesota, the University of Illinois, or Harper College.
  • I don’t know what questions will be on your exam.   
  • I’m not here to do your homework.  I’m here to help you understand  things better and make you a better problem solver.
  • I strongly recommend that you try the problems before the tutorial session. ​
  • I know how to solve these problems and for you to learn  it’s best to try to solve them on your own. It’s okay if you get stuck,  I’m here to help.
  • If you simply watch me solve the problems during the tutorial session you will have learned nothing. 
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Harper College - Physics 121/122/201/202

  • Review Session                                                                                                       Sign me up

University of Illinois - Physics 101/102/211/212

  • Review Session                                                                                                      Sign me up

University of Minnesota - Physics 1202W/1302W

  • Review Session                                                                                                      Sign me up

University of Chicago - Physics 12200/13200

  • Review Session                                                                                                      Sign me up