Ph.D.  Theoretical Physics  

Thesis: Spin-Wave Properties in Anisotropic Magnetic Materials

University of Western Ontario

1996 – 2000

B.Sc. Physics

University of Ottawa

Citation: Summa Cum Laude


2019 - present
Elgin Community College

Adjunct Physics Faculty

2017 - present

Harper College

Adjunct Physics Faculty 

2016 - present

Knowles Electronics

Staff Engineer - Mobile Consumer Electronics

2016 - present

American Institutes for Research

Physics Item Writer for MCAT Exam (Medical College Admission Test)

Seagate Technology
Transducer Design and Testing Engineer

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Princeton Review

Physics Teacher and Master Trainer

University of Western Ontario

Teaching Assistant


2016 Seagate Technology Inventors Hall of Fame Award
2015 Electrical Development Test Deployment Award – Electrical Development
2014 Seagate Special Recognition Award – Electrical Development -Areal Density Capability -Impact Award
2014 Seagate Special Recognition Award – Teamwork - Electrical Development Team
2013 Seagate Special Recognition Award – Teamwork - Electrical Development Team
2009 Seagate Special Recognition Award – Innovation - Tranducer Development Team
2005 Best poster, Western Institute for Nanomaterials Science (WINS) workshop
2005 University of Western Ontario Graduate Teaching Award
2003-2005  NSERC PGS-B 
2003-2005 Tuition Scholarship, University of Western Ontario
2003 Lillian Margaret & Walter David Jackson Scholarship in Physics,  University of Western Ontario
2003 Faculty of Science Graduate Student Teaching Award,  University of Western Ontario
2002 Ontario Graduate Scholarship,  University of Western Ontario
2002 Department of Physics and Astronomy Award for Excellence in Teaching, University of Western Ontario
2000 Ontario Graduate Scholarship for Science and Technology, U.W.O.
2000 SpecialUniversity Scholarship, U.W.O.
2000 Merit Scholarship, University of Ottawa
2000 Yatendra P. Varshni Scholarship, University of Ottawa
2000 3M Canada Scholarship, University of Ottawa

Patents Granted

1) US Patent 8687318, 4/1/2014, "Recording Head Coil Structure", E. Meloche, C. Rea, J. Xue, E. Linville, J. Wolf.
2) US Patent 8873199, 10/28/2014, "Recording Head Coil Structure", E. Meloche, C. Rea, J. Xue, E. Linville, J. Wolf.
3) US Patent 8582234, 11/12/2013, “Shaped Magnetic Write Pole”, E. Linville, E. Meloche, J. Xue, Huaquing Yin.
4) US Patent 8804283, 08/12/2014, “Chamfered Magnetic Write Pole”, E. Meloche, E. Linville, J. Xue, C. J. Rea, Huaquing Yin.
5) US Patent 8810964, 08/19/2014, “Magnetic Recording Head Having a Pole Tip Shield”, K. Gao, E. Meloche, E. Linville, J. Xue
6) US Patent 8837085, 9/16/2014, "Write Yoke with Stabilizing Layer", E. Meloche, E. Linville, J. Xue
7) US Patent 8830625, 9/9/2014, “Data Writer with Tapered Side Shield Sidewalls”, E. S. Linville, J. Xue, E. Meloche, H. Yin, Y. Chen.
8) US Patent 8947807, 2/3/2015,“Independently driven write coils”, K. R. Heim, K. A. Rivkin, E. Meloche, J. M. Wolf.
9) US Patent 8982507, 3/17/2015,. "Magnetic Flux Barrier", E. Meloche, B. Lu, L. Xia, J. Xue, J. Westwood, M. Gubbins, A. Cazacu.
10) US Patent 9099108, 8/4/2015, “Magnetically Biased Write Pole”, E. Meloche, J. Xue, E. Linville, H. Yin, Z. Wang, R. W. Lamberton.

11)   US Patent 9218825, 12/22/2015, "T-Type Write Pole ", J. Xue, Z. Shen, C. J. Rea, E. Meloche, H. Yin.


1) E. Meloche, M. G. Cottam, and D. J. Lockwood,  One-Magnon and Exciton Inelastic Light Scattering in the Antiferromagnetic CoF2, Low Temperature Physics, 40, p134 (2014).

2) E. Meloche, M. G. Cottam, and D. J. Lockwood, One- and Two-Magnon and Exciton Raman Scattering in the Antiferromagnetic CoF2: Experiment and Theory, J. Korean Phys. Soc., 63, p817 (2013).

3) S. Basu, M. Gubbins, E. Meloche, M. A. Bashir, V. Venugopal, and R.Lamberton, Study of trailing edge shield magnetic properties for writer performance improvement for perpendicular magnetic recording, IEEE Trans. Mag. Vol 49, No. 7, p3710 (2013).

4) M. A. Bashir, E. Meloche, M. A. Gubbins, S. Basu, A. Wong, B. R. McConnell and R. R. Lamberton, Dynamic Field Gradient and Erasure After Write for High Data Rate Recording, IEEE Trans. Mag. 48, 3919 (2012).

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6) E. Meloche, M. G. Cottam, V. P. Gnezdilov and D. J. Lockwood, One-Magnon Inelastic Light Scattering in the Canted Antiferromagnet NiF2, Phys. Rev. B 81, 024426 (2010).

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15) E. Meloche and M. G. Cottam, Thermal Properties of Surface and Bulk Spin Waves in Metamagnets FeBr2 and FeCl2, Phys. Stat. Sol. (a) 196, 165 (2003).

​Personal Accomplishments

  • 2-time Ironman triathlon finisher 

                    2009 Ironman Canada (time: 13:56)

                    2012 Ironman Mont-Tremblant (time: 11:54)

  • 4-time half-Ironman finisher
  • 5-time marathon finisher
  • 2-time Lutsen 99er finisher (mountain bike race)


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