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My name is Eric and i'm passionate about physics and math.   I want to help you improve your grades, increase your confidence and get you ready for your next exam.  

I first became fascinated with physics in high school where I was fortunate enough to learn physics from a great teacher.   I then went on to complete  my undergraduate work in physics and loved it so much I then completed a Ph.D. in theoretical physics.    

My enthusiasm for teaching physics is unmatched.  During my graduate work I worked hard as a teaching assistant.  I served as a teaching assistant for most undergraduate physics courses and many  senior level classes.  I also taught physics for a test prep company and trained new teachers.   After nearly 10 years of working as an engineer in industry I decided to go back to teaching physics and math.   It's been one of the best decisions I ever made.    

  • This is not a large tutoring company.   It's literally a one man operation.   I honestly want you to succeed and will go above and beyond to make sure you achieve your desired grade.
  • I promise to make physics and math fun for you.
  • I bring over 15 years of teaching experience to every lesson I teach.    I've written a ton of exam questions  and have graded 1000's of college level exams and know the common mistakes made by students.
  • I will teach you much more than just physics and math.  My students develop confidence, study skills, motivation, a love of learning and a curiosity about the world around them.
  • As a tutor, my job is to create an opportunity for students to learn and to guide them. I can't learn it for them, but I can ask the right questions, pick the right examples, and offer the right hints to help them unlock their potential. 
  • Students who work with me have access to me.   They have my phone number, email, and are free to contact me anytime they want with questions.   I don't do their homework but I can help them when they are stuck.    Here's an example of an exchange i had with a student who was still a little confused about gas processes.    He texted me, I grabbed some paper and jotted down a few notes to help him understand the concept a little better, took pictures of my notes and texted him the pictures.
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